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Alaska Business Week

is looking for business professionals to join us for a half day on Friday, July 24 from 8:30 a.m. to Noon, you'll serve as a judge of a Trade Show where ABW participants make Stockholder presentations.

A one-week summer program, ABW teaches Alaska high school students the basic principles of private sector business and important leadership skills they need for success after high school.

Judges participate in two end of the week activities, the Stockholder Presentations and Trade Show. In the Stockholder Presentation, the judges act as shareholders and each company (team of participants) presents their financial standings from the business simulation they competed in. The second activity, the Trade Show, judges are investors and the participants try to convince the judges to invest in the product their company created.

Both activities showcase the hard work the participants put in and is a great way to see how important this program is.

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Trade Show

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